Yangzi Explorer

Why The Yangzi Explorer?

Intimate Style

Carrying just 124 passengers, the Yangzi Explorer offers the finest and most personalized service of any ship sailing the river. With other cruise ships accommodating well over 300 passengers the Yangzi Explorer is the market leader by offering such an intimate cruising experience. International standards of service, delivered by the highest ratio of staff to guests, ensure that every level of comfort is catered for during the cruise.

Luxury Accommodation

Complementing the attentive service are the largest and most beautifully appointed cabins and suites on the Yangtze today. The 38 Deluxe cabins (333 ft2) are extremely spacious, setting the Yangzi Explorer well apart from the typical regular cabins offered by other vessels. In addition, there are 20 Suites (420 ft2) and four stunning Speciality Suites - Jade and Mandarin Suites (871 ft2), and Celestial and Imperial Suites (1183 ft2). Each Suite is exceptional in size, and is designed to create a more harmonious and luxury cruising experience. Most importantly, every cabin and suite features a viewing balcony that affords guests the opportunity to enjoy the kaleidoscope of ever-changing scenerythrough the gorges.


A team of internationally-trained chefs design innovative menus of both Chinese and western dishes, catering to the most discerning of palates. Lunches and dinners feature complimentary house wines, coffee and tea, local beer, and bottled water.

Yangzi Explorer
Three Gorges - biggest draw to Yangtze Cruise

The Three Gorges are famous not only for the stunning landscapes, but for the long history and splendid culture, with myriad of ancient temples, villages, and paths add to the splendor of the Three Gorges. Besides, you can also visit the local countryside area and see the lives of common people - which you can not see in big cities like Beijing, Shanghai, etc.

Qutang Gorge starts at the White Emperor City in the west, Chongqing Fengjie County and ends at Daxi Stream in the east, Chongqing Wushan County. It is the shortest in the Three Gorges, with only 8 kilometers. Wu Gorge is 44 kilometer long, starting from the mouth of the Daning River in Wushan County of Chongqing in the west and ending in Guandukou of Badong County, Hubei Province in the east. Xiling Gorge is the longest of the Three Gorges, 66 kilometers long, starting from the Dadong County in the west and ending at the Nanjin Pass of Yichang in the east. It goes through the Hubei Province entirely from the west to east.

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The Art of Cruising with Yangzi Explorer

Yangzi Explorer takes cruising to a new level of comfort for the discerning traveller. Our intimately sized vessels are built to demanding specifications and follow the most stringent marine safety standards. Discreet yet attentive service and carefully designed menus set a luxurious backdrop to the cruising experience. Cruising provides a supremely relaxing way to visit a destination, enabling travellers to experience a whole range of sights and tours without the need for unpacking and repacking in between.

Deluxe Cabin

Yangzi Explorer Deluxe Cabin

Most spacious cabin on Yangtze with 333 square feet, private balcony with ...

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Most spacious standard suite on Yangtze with 420 square feet, private ...

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Jade & Mandarin Suite

Jade Suite

Designer's highlights, luxuriously furnished with chinoiserie deco, private sun deck ...

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Celestial & Imperial Suite

Celestial Suite

The largest and most spacious suite on Yangtze with most luxury furniture ...

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